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Why not choose Cyprus Golf Holidays for your next holiday abroad? This Mediterranean gem is quickly becoming a golfing destination of choice amongst Europe’s golf tourists, with many players even jetting in from further afield to enjoy some of the islands best courses. It isn’t hard to see why Cyprus is really taking off.

Visitors to Cyprus may want to centre their trip around Paphos, which is a vibrant and varied holiday destination. There are four stunningly different courses within less than an hour’s drive of Paphos centre, all of which offer unique golfing challenges.

The Aphrodite Hills Golf Club is probably the best known on the island, thanks to the dramatic rocky canyon that cuts through the course. The design works with the dramatic landscape to create a fantastic challenge for all ability levels. Be warned though, you will need a head for heights if you want to succeed! Alternatively, try out the Secret Valley course, which is more picturesque than its dramatic neighbour. The course is characterised by mature plant life and beautiful Mediterranean scents. This course can be quite a challenge on days when there is a strong breeze coming in from the sea.

The Minthis Hills course is an ideal course for mixed groups, as it offers players a range of different challenges to try in addition to a wonderful setting. The course has been situated in the grounds of a twelfth century monastery and makes good use of the ancient monastic gardens. Finally, the newest course in the region is the Elea Estate course, which was designed by Nick Faldo. Although the fairways are generous, the real challenge comes from over 60 strategically placed bunkers which are dotted around the course.

If you do not wish to spend your whole vacation out on the course, you will be pleased to know that the Paphos area has a wonderful tourist infrastructure. The gorgeous coastline is home to an array of large beaches and wonderful secluded bays. Back on land there are also a large number of cultural sites which show off the unique history of the area. If you do want to spend more time exploring the island, you will be able to find all of the support that you need at your resort.

Cyprus is also a brilliant destination for food lovers. Cypriot cuisine is a delicious blend of Greek, Turkish and Mediterranean flavours which have widespread appeal. Local liquors and wine are also available to visitors. Of course, if you would like to eat something that is a bit more familiar, there are plenty of eateries in Paphos and the surrounding resorts which serve international flavours instead.

The Paphos area is well-connected for travellers visiting from across Europe. Low cost carriers fly to the area from continental Europe and the UK, meaning that most golf travellers are able to get a spectacular deal on their visit. If you need any further advice about travelling to the Paphos area, then just get in contact with our team.

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