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Golf Holidays in Portugal

If you are searching for a destination for your next foreign golf holiday, then look no further than Portugal. The country is awash with fabulous courses which suit almost every style of play, so you will be sure to find a course that meets your needs and wants. With a number of different regions catering to golfing tourists, you will feel as though you are spoiled for choice.

The most popular golf region of Portugal is undoubtedly the Algarve, although Lisbon, Porto and Madeira are hot on its heels. The popularity of the Algarve stems from the large number of courses which are in close proximity to one another, allowing holidaymakers to move easily between courses. Many of the courses in this region are championship courses and have played host to some of the world’s most famous players. The region is also famed for both its winter and summer sun, which mean that you should be able to play in pleasant weather almost all year round.

The Lisbon Coast is also a must for golf fans. The popularity of this region has grown in recent years as many big-name course designers have built courses in the area. Two of the courses, the Oitavos Dunes and the Praia d’El Rey are both frequently cited as being amongst Europe’s Top 100 courses, and are essential rounds for the discerning golf tourist. Golf resorts in the Lisbon Coast area are also close enough to the capital city for travellers to take in the sights and sounds of the bustling city in their spare time.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, then why not try the Portuguese island archipelago of Madeira which is just off of the west coast of Africa. The island has boomed as a destination in recent years, thanks to the European Tour’s Madeira Islands Open. The stunning scenery also plays its part, with many courses sandwiched between stunning mountains and the gorgeous expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. You can even take a short island hop to the island of Porto Santos to take the opportunity to play on the fantastic Seve Ballesteros course which is named after its island home.

Portugal is also a great place to enjoy luxury on a budget. Many of the country’s top golfing resorts offer 4 and 5 star accommodation at a much lower cost than you would expect. This means that once you have finished your round you will be able to relax, socialise and dine in the lap of luxury. A range of different accommodation options are available to suit every member of your party. Whatever you are looking for in a destination golf holiday, you will be able to find it in Portugal.


The Algarve region in Portugal is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. The area is well-known for its favourable climate, its gorgeous scenery, its unique cultural heritage and its delectable cuisine. In recent years, the Algarve has also become popular with golf tourists, because the region plays host to a large number of high-quality courses in a relatively small area.

With nearly 40 different courses to choose from along the coastline and further inland, there is no shortage of places to go for golf. Whatever style of course you would prefer to play on, the Algarve will have something for you. With journeys from one end of the Algarve to the other only taking about an hour and a half, it is possible to get to almost any of the courses with ease. The most surprising thing is that a golf culture only emerged in the Algarve in 1966, when golfer Henry Cotton recognised the potential of the area and opened the Penina Golf Course and Resort. In the 50 years, since, golf tourism in the region has blossomed.

With average temperature staying above 12 C for the whole year, and a high level of sunshine hours, even in the winter months, the Algarve is a great destination for year-round golf. Although the winter months can see a few days of rainfall, most golfers do not have a problem. The region is also well-connected, with daily flights coming in from all major cities around Europe. The tourist infrastructure is well-established, with most clubs, bars and restaurants offering menus and information in English, Spanish, French and German. Therefore you will not need to worry about communication issues affecting your holiday.

The varied terrain in the Algarve gives guests a lot of different things to experiment with. A lot of the world’s top course designers and former players have created courses in the Algarve as well, including courses by Nick Faldo, Rocky Roquemore and William Mitchell. One of the most famous courses in the area, the Monte Rei, is well-known for its sweeping views out across the Atlantic Ocean to the south and towards the Caldeirao Mountains. Elsewhere on the coast you can have the chance to play on a Portuguese version of the traditional links set-up. On these courses, golfers have to know how to use their skills to work with (or against) the breeze rolling in off the Atlantic. Most golfers will relish the challenge of courses like these.

As well as a range of classic courses, the area is also able to offer up accommodation to suit all styles and budgets. Many of the courses in the area offer affordable luxury with 4 or 5 star ratings. Once you are off of the course, you will be able to relax at accommodation which has been chosen specifically to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for 1 round or unlimited rounds, the Algarve is the perfect place to choose for your next golf holiday.


For the past half century, Portugal has been a golf destination of choice for visitors from across Europe and around the world. Whilst the majority of golf tourists head straight to the Algarve, the Lisbon Coast area is now becoming more and more popular as courses spring up across the area.

The proximity to the capital makes the Lisbon Coast a perfect destination for people who want to take in some of the sights and sounds of Portugal. Either make your own way around the area, or join an organised tour which is operated by your accommodation provider. Most hotels know the best tourist itineraries, and they are therefore able to arrange brilliant excursions for all who can drag themselves away from the golf course. The area has a rich heritage, so it is well-worth exploring it, if you have any free time. Some of the hotels which offer golf holiday packages are even located closer to the city centre, so that visitors can make the most of their trip to the region.

The lands around the Tagus River and along the Atlantic Coast are perfect places for golf courses, because they offer such varied terrain. Whatever style of golf you like to play, you will be able to find something that is right for your needs. For example, the Riba Golfe course and the Campo Real course are striking examples of parkland and woodland courses, whereas those who prefer a rugged, links-style course may prefer to try their hand at the Oitavos Dunes or the Praia d’El Rey. In fact, both of the latter courses are regular features on lists of the top 100 courses in Europe and are therefore very popular choices with golf tourists. Many of the courses in the region have even been created by globally famous course designers, such as Robert Trent Jones, who designed both the Penha Longa course and the Quinta da Marinha course. Both of these courses also have amazing onsite facilities which are perfect for retiring too after a day out on the course.

If you are not interested in either of these courses, there are plenty of other golf resorts in the area with accommodation to suit every budget. The strong tourist infrastructure in the area means that you will find it easy to get from wherever you are staying to all of the courses that you want to play at. You will also find that all of the support that you need is available to make sure that you and your clubs get safely to and from the airport at the beginning and the end of your stay.